#364 I miss reading a book sitting… – 8

Lerici, porto

listening to the sound of wind whistling through the wires and masts of boats 

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#354 I miss frutta di giugno


directly from my garden

#351 I miss cibo da spiaggia – 2

Pranzo al sacco, literally ‘lunch in the bag’ is a must of any day-at-the-beach in Italy.

Prosciutto e melone, for many people is the real taste of summer

but also anguria

of course a good slice of focaccia,

one or more panini with prosciutto cotto

Pane al pomodoro is a big classic in Tuscany

Pesche noci

and albicocche

good for your abbronzatura as well!

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#350 I miss Italian hiking trails – 1

Il Sentiero degli Dei (‘The Path of Gods’) is a trail that connects

to Nocelle

close to Positano

on the Amalfi Coast.

Walking the path of gods

#342 I miss Italian lakes – 6

Lago di Misurina, Belluno

A corner of Italy that doesn’t look like Italy. At least it doesn’t look like Italy as you expect it.

It doesn’t look real actually.

But true.

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#298 I miss ponti

Ponte, literally ‘bridge’, but this is the word used for a long weekend. When a holiday is on Thursday for example normally in Italy you take the Friday off.

Ponti di primavera are the best.

April 25th

May 1st

June 2nd…

Hotel always have special offers  for the ponti di primavera, the ideal moment to take a break in a nice agriturismo, or terme, or for a scampagnata


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#293 I miss feste – 10

There’s a good reason if nobody ever worried about cooking too much food for Easter lunch. Because after Pasqua there is Pasquetta or Il lunedì dell’angelo (‘The Monday of the Angel’), and for Pasquetta we have a scampagnata! (See: “I miss scampagnata” https://misshome.wordpress.com/2014/04/02/273-i-miss-scampagnata/ and “I miss gita fuori porta” https://misshome.wordpress.com/2014/01/21/203-i-miss-gita-fuori-porta/ ) And leftovers are great!

But if you don’t have enough leftovers, there are many typical Pasquetta recipes for the traditional pic-nic Frittata di spaghetti


(See “I miss torte salate – 3” https://misshome.wordpress.com/2014/01/08/190-i-miss-torte-salate-3/ ) Tortano

Focaccia al salame e rosmarino

Agnello and carciofi fritti (‘deep fried lamb and hartchoke)

Buona Pasquetta a tutti!

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