#362 I miss edible flowers

Fiori di zucca

Deep fried, fiori fritti

Stuffed and deep fried

Stuffed and baked

Pasta con i fiori di zucca

Frittata di fiori di zucca

Fiori di borraggine

Pasta alla borraggine

a flowers’ salad


and sweet sugar frosted violette


#361 I miss gelato – 4

Gelati alternativi.

When I lived in Pisa there was a famous gelateria that served gelato alcolico once a week, and savory gelato on another day.

Gelato al Lambrusco, or Nero d’Avola for example

Gelato al Mohjito

Gelato Bellini

And what about a gelato al basilico


or a very Italian pomodoro e basilico?

Finally something for real Italian gourmet: Gelato al parmigiano

Gelato formaggio e pere (‘Cheese and pears gelato’)

or even Gorgonzola blue cheese gelato!

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#357 I miss pasta fresca – 5

Corzetti, or in genovese dialect croxetti

round, flat, fresh pasta, from Liguria.

Plain or decorated, stampati ‘stamped’.

Created in the Middle Ages, decorated with the coat of arms of noble families, made with wooden hand-tool

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#348 I miss cibo da spiaggia – 1

There is a word in Roman slang: fagottari, from fagotto ‘bundle’, 

Fagottari: people who leave from the city to spend a day on the beach bringing a big fagotto full of food and drinks from home.

Here’s a few examples from the movie La famiglia passaguai (Aldo Fabrizi, 1959)

Not just fresh fruit and panini…

Table, table cloth, fiasco di vino, plates, pots…

Pocket lunch Italian way!


#347 I miss sagre – 4


one of the most popular towns in the Castelli Romani area.

Not only for art, or the wine (vino dei Castelli Romani)

but for the famous porchetta

boneless pork meat, rolled, seasoned with herbs and spices, and roasted

And of course in Ariccia there is a huge sagra della porchetta

Here’s the traditional launch of panini con la porchetta in the main square.

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#344 I miss sagre – 3

Sagra dello succu, in Busacchi, Sardegna

su succu, is a kind of home made tagliolini.

The feast starts with a procession of young ladies, wearing typical costumes, and bringing food in big baskets on their heads, as women used to do in the good old days

Food and Beauty.

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#334 I miss la raccolta delle erbe selvatiche – 3

In Liguria they have a mix of several wild herbs, used as a side dish or as a base for a variety of typical dishes, such as soups or pansotti (ravioli liguri).

They call it prebuggiùn or preboggiòn, it includes:


Wild beet




Dente di leone



Cooking is not just about food, it is also an adventure in the wild!

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