#344 I miss sagre – 3

Sagra dello succu, in Busacchi, Sardegna

su succu, is a kind of home made tagliolini.

The feast starts with a procession of young ladies, wearing typical costumes, and bringing food in big baskets on their heads, as women used to do in the good old days

Food and Beauty.

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https://misshome.wordpress.com/2014/05/30/332-i-miss-sagre-2/ )



#230 I miss risotto – 1

Risotto, rice quickly fried with finely chopped onion, and then slowly cooked adding white wine first, and then boiling broth, little by little. Creamy deliciousness from the North.

You will need Riso Arborio, Carnaroli, or Vialone Nano

from the risaie

where Mondine used to work

the movie Riso amaro (amaro ‘bitter’, riso both ‘rice’ and ‘laugh’) tells their stories… but this is a different chapter.



#209 I miss corredo – 1

Corredo ‘trousseau’ is an ancient tradition.

In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance the most important Italian artists made and decorated wonderful nuptial chests…

At the times of our great-grandmothers a good corredo includes dozens of tablecloths, bedsheets, towels…

Mothers and grandmothers used to gave you a tablecloth as a birthday present, instead of a doll, when you where 10 y.o.

Women used to meet to sew and embroider items for the corredo,

My mom still has an entire closet full of white bedsheets and towels.