#313 I miss pasta fresca – 1

Fresh hand made pasta. Pasta ripiena, tagliatelle, lasagne

Or spaghetti alla chitarra

Named after the tool used to make them, the chitarra ‘guitar’

Deliciousness from Abruzzo


#305 I miss mercato – 3

Roma, mercato scene from Mamma Roma, by Pier Paolo Pasolini.

Anna Magnani.

Porta Portese, the most famous market in Roma

Porta Portese by Claudio Baglioni

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#252 I miss Italian vintage recipe – 3

Pellegrino Artusi, a businessman with a passion for good food and cooking

Author of the epic cookbook “La scienza in cucina e l’arte di mangiar bene

Self-published in 1891, a few years after the independence and reunification of Italy (1861). Not only a ricettario, but a best-seller and a powerful tool for the diffusion of Italian language in the peninsula. The most of the Italians at that time were indeed dialects speakers, Italian was for many, as a matter of fact, a foreign language, imposed by the new government.

My mother had two copies of this book. As a child I used to read it, and I was fasciated by this weird, ancient Italian prose, full of outdated terms, such as ramerino for rosmarino (‘rosmary’), ramaiuolo for mestolo (‘spoonful’), and balsamella for bechamelle.

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#244 I miss risotto – 3

My mother’s favorite risotto recipes:

Risotto con i funghi, for someone the only option is using fresh mushrooms, someone else uses dried ones, someone add tomato sauce, someone else doesn’t. Well, whatever. I like it. And for the record my mom makes it with a soffritto with onion, celery and carrot, and dried mushrooms.

Risotto con i carciofi (‘Artichoke risotto‘)

for this one as well my mom makes a soffritto with onion, celery and carrot.

Risotto con i gamberetti (‘Shrimps risotto’)

As many other Italian recipes, this has several versions, my mom makes it with fresh shrimps, brandy, parsley and garlic finely chopped, and a touch of panna (‘cream’).

Riso al latte, not a dessert, as someone might think, but rice literally cooked in milk, with some butter and parmigiano. Not a real risotto, but a big classic that reminds me my childhood

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#225 I miss corredo – 2

I talked to my mom the other day, and found out that she is preparing a corredo for me.

She has been doing that for years… without my permission of course.

Apparently I have several bed sets (sheets and pillowcases) in different colors

I have also learnt that I really at least a good bedcover. Of course. I mean… who doesn’t?

I have at least 20 bath sets: cotton towels, linen towels, embroidered linen towels (!)…

A dozen of table cloths and tons of dishcloths.

My mom made many of those, using cloth that my grandmother bought, for her corredo.

Cuore di mamma (‘the heart of a mother’) we would say. Or in this case cuore di nonna.

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#212 I miss gnocchi – 1

Gnocchi, one of the most popular and most mispronounced Italian food ever.

But no worries gli gnocchi is an actual tongue-twister, many Italians are not able to pronounce this expression as well.

Lo gnocco is the singular form, and the example I always use while teaching Italian articles.

A food probably originated in the Middle East and introduced in Italy by the Romans at the time of their expansion, is a soft pasta made from semolina, regular flour, potatoes, or bread, with eggs, cheese and other ingredients. As other Italian foods there are many regional variants.

The most common type now a days is the gnocchi di patate (‘potatoes gnocchi’).

Gnocchi making is normally a team work, and an excellent way to involve husband and kids in cooking. First you prepare a dough with boiled mashed potatoes and eggs, then you rolled it in little dowels, then you cut them in little pieces, finally roll each piece on a fork or concave side of cheese grater or the specific gnocchi-tool in the picture below.

Cook them in boiling water and rinse them as soon as they float, using a perforated spoon.

Serve immediately, no matter what.

There are many possible dressing:

Burro e salvia: simple and delicious


Pomodoro e basilico: mon amour

Gnocchi alla sorrentina (Sorrento style): pomodoro e basilico, gratin with mozzarella

Ragù: who doesn’t like it?

Sugo di funghi: mushroom sauce (with fresh or dryed mushrooms)

Pesto: another big classic 

Gnocchi ai quattro formaggi: anything is better with cheese

#210 I miss minestre – 2

His royal majesty il minestrone

the golden rule is: you can use any vegetable you have, my grandmother’s rule: if you don’t have it, you don’t need it

But for a good minestrone you really need at least, onions, carrots, celery, potatoes, zucchini, spinach, a spoon of tomato sauce or a fresh tomato in the summer. A leaf of cabbage, and some beetroots, even better. A slice of pumpkin when is the season. Peas and beans if you want them.

With or without pasta. Maccheroncini, spaghetti (in little pieces) or pastina

In Tuscany they add cavolo nero and chickpeas

In Liguria they add a spoon of pesto

In Lombardia they use rice instead of pasta

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