#346 I miss giugno – 1

A month full of traditions and celebration.

The city of Pisa celebrate the entire month, il giugno pisano with feasts, historical parades, concerts…

La regata delle antiche repubbliche marinare, is an historical boat race.

The four Ancient Repubbliche marinare: Venezia, Pisa, Amalfi, and Genova compete in a regata along the Arno river in Pisa

The race is preceded by an historical parade


#341 I miss Italian (vintage) soft drinks – 4

Birra e gazzosa, very popular in the 1960s.

Half beer half gazzosa.

And yes, berr in Italy is very often considered a soft drink…

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#313 I miss pasta fresca – 1

Fresh hand made pasta. Pasta ripiena, tagliatelle, lasagne

Or spaghetti alla chitarra

Named after the tool used to make them, the chitarra ‘guitar’

Deliciousness from Abruzzo

#310 I miss Italian satyre – 1

Il Vernacoliere.

A monthly satyrical magazine, founded in Livorno, in 1982, completely written in livornese dialect, distributed throughout Tuscany, but very well known in the rest of Italy.

The complete title is Livornocronaca – Il Vernacoliere. Mensile di satira, umorismo e mancanza di rispetto in vernacolo livornese e in italiano ‘Livorno Chronicle. Monthly magazine, of satyre, humor, lack of respect in livornese dialect (vernacolo ‘vernacular’) and Italian’

The most typical product of Livorno, the kingdom of wit and political incorrectness, and its population of stand-up comedians.

(“La mafia si dissocia dalla Stato. ‘Ci rovina la reputazione!’ ” – “Mafia dissociates itself from the State: ‘It ruins our reputation!'”

Berlusconi: “Angiolino! Bisogna fondare il Partito degli onesty” Alfano: E dove si trovano?” Berlusconi: “Si comprano!” “Belusconi: “Angiolino we will found the The Party of Honest people!” Alfano:”Where can you find honest people?” Berlusconi: “We will buy them!”)

A few characters from Vernacoliere comics.

Luana the sexy baby sitter

Don Zaucker the exorcist

a few Popes and politicians Vernacoliere version:

#309 I miss Italian foods foreigners cannot handle – 3

The most typical panino in Firenze: panino con il Lampredotto

Lampredotto sellers can be found everywhere in town.

A peasant dish made from the fourth and final stomach of a cow, boiled in water with tomatoes, onion,celery,  and parsley (as any other bollito), served with salt and pepper or salsa verde (parsley sauce)

In the rest of Italy Trippa (‘tripe’ the stomach of a cow) is a common dish in several regions.

Trippa alla Romana, with tomatoes, pecorino, and herbs

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#308 I miss mercato – 4

Mercatini dell’antiquariato

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#305 I miss mercato – 3

Roma, mercato scene from Mamma Roma, by Pier Paolo Pasolini.

Anna Magnani.

Porta Portese, the most famous market in Roma

Porta Portese by Claudio Baglioni

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