#364 I miss reading a book sitting… – 8

Lerici, porto

listening to the sound of wind whistling through the wires and masts of boats 

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#363 I miss vigneti – 3

Not only in the warm South or in the sunny Central Italy.

The vineyards that you don’t expect are right in front of the Alpi (‘Alps mountains’).

Here’s the castle of Aymaville and its vigneti, in Val d’Aosta

Vigneti and the Monte Binco, the highest European mountain

Sarriod De La Tour castle and vineyards

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#358 I miss Italian hiking trails – 3

L’anello del Rinascimento (‘Ring of the Renaissance or Renaissance Ring’) 

is a hiking or biking trail, longer than 170 km, around the city of Firenze.

The path skirts fields and woods, castles, ancient churches, and monasteries

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#357 I miss pasta fresca – 5

Corzetti, or in genovese dialect croxetti

round, flat, fresh pasta, from Liguria.

Plain or decorated, stampati ‘stamped’.

Created in the Middle Ages, decorated with the coat of arms of noble families, made with wooden hand-tool

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#353 I miss Italian hiking trails – 2

La via dell’amore, probably the most famous Italian hiking trails!

‘The way of Love’ connects Riomaggiore and Vernazza, two of the five villages of the Cinque Terre (‘Five Lands’) on the Riviera Ligure

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#352 I miss cinema all’aperto

Cinema sotto le stelle (‘cinema under the stars’) or Cinema all’aperto, a good movie in a warm summer night.

Perhaps in an historical place, such as Piazza Maggiore in Bologna

or even in the Teatro Greco in Taormina

only in Italy!