#365 The end.

And there we go. The end of a journey. One year guys, as promised.

365 things I miss.

Thank you everyone for reading. I want to say bye with a last post.

The last thing I miss, is one of those things that any Italian think anytime he/she is abroad, but never says (well… not before the third glass of red wine…)

One among many signs of the greatness of Italian civilization:

If you don’t appreciate it, you are not Italian enough (not yet).

Read you soon!

(With a new project!) 🙂


#338 I miss exploring and old castle – 6

Sometimes you can visit a Medieval castle.

Sometimes you can even live it.

Castel dell’Aquila, at Gragnola, not too far from Fivizzano, in Lunigiana, Northern Tuscany.

Immersed in the green, with a beautiful vista on the Alpi Apuane. 

You can spend a night there, sleeping in the ancient tower

You can also have your wedding reception there

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#292 I miss feste – 9

And finally Pasqua (Easter)!

The major Italian festa along with Christmas.

The whole family meet for the Mass (even if you are not very observant) and for (surprise surprise) a big lunch.

We eat agnello (‘lamb’)

Carciofi, o carciofi ripieni

and la Colomba pasquale (‘Easter Dove’) the typical cake, now common all over Italy

Children receive uova di Pasqua, ‘Easter eggs’

In Campania they prepare the Pastiera

A rich cake filled with boiled wheat, ricotta, candied fruit, fragrance of orange flowers and spices

In Puglia they have the Scarcella

or Cuddura in Sicily

In Trieste they make the Pinza triestina, a sweet Easter bread

and in Lucca the Pasimata, another type of sweet bread, with raisins and spices.

And nobody worries about leftovers.

PS: The Easter Bunny is not a thing in Italy because… he would end up in a pot with olives and tomatoes…

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#285 I miss feste – 5

La Domenica delle Palme, ‘palm Sunday’

People brings to the Church branches of olive and palms leaves

Palmes are sometimes artistically  braided

A few cities are particularly famous for their braided palms, such as Bordighera on the Riviera Ligure.

In my area, in the past, Children use to bring to the Church a cake, along with their olive branches and palm leaves. The family met for lunch and shared the cake, a ciambella (lit. ‘donut’) or in my dialect canestrello that had been blessed during the Mass.


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#256 I miss the place i which fables are true… 3

I love old movies.

I grew up watching and re-watching old classics from the 1950s and 60s.

One of those was Sissi

the story of Empress Elisabeth of Austria

Well, Sissi and Franz used to spend their summer holidays at the Castello di Miramare, in Trieste

A visit in a fable

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#255 I miss primavera at my place

I miss spring in my little village, in the green countryside of Northern Tuscany, when the grass is bright green, trees blossom, colorful flowers grow in the fissures of old stone walls…




IMG_0924Primavera d’intorno

brilla nell’aria e per li campi esulta

sì ch’a mirarla intenerisce il core

‘Spring brightens
the air around, exults in the fields,
so the heart is moved to see it’

(Giacomo Leopardi, from Il passero solitario, ‘The solitary sparrow’)