#349 I miss giugno – 2

June 16th, San Ranieri, the patron Saint of the city of Pisa from 1284.

In 1688 the body of the Saint was transferred to the Cathedral of Pisa. The event was celebrated with an amazing feast, the whole town was enlightened with candles.

That was the beginning of the traditional Luminara di San Ranieri.

Spectacular! Something you really want to see at least once in your life.

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#347 I miss sagre – 4


one of the most popular towns in the Castelli Romani area.

Not only for art, or the wine (vino dei Castelli Romani)

but for the famous porchetta

boneless pork meat, rolled, seasoned with herbs and spices, and roasted

And of course in Ariccia there is a huge sagra della porchetta

Here’s the traditional launch of panini con la porchetta in the main square.

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#346 I miss giugno – 1

A month full of traditions and celebration.

The city of Pisa celebrate the entire month, il giugno pisano with feasts, historical parades, concerts…

La regata delle antiche repubbliche marinare, is an historical boat race.

The four Ancient Repubbliche marinare: Venezia, Pisa, Amalfi, and Genova compete in a regata along the Arno river in Pisa

The race is preceded by an historical parade

#344 I miss sagre – 3

Sagra dello succu, in Busacchi, Sardegna

su succu, is a kind of home made tagliolini.

The feast starts with a procession of young ladies, wearing typical costumes, and bringing food in big baskets on their heads, as women used to do in the good old days

Food and Beauty.

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#338 I miss exploring and old castle – 6

Sometimes you can visit a Medieval castle.

Sometimes you can even live it.

Castel dell’Aquila, at Gragnola, not too far from Fivizzano, in Lunigiana, Northern Tuscany.

Immersed in the green, with a beautiful vista on the Alpi Apuane. 

You can spend a night there, sleeping in the ancient tower

You can also have your wedding reception there

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#332 I miss sagre – 2

Street art

artichokes sculptures at the Sagra del carciofo romanesco (‘Roman Artichoke Festival’)

Carciofi alla Giudia

Carciofi alla romana

Linguine ai carciofi

Carciofi fritti

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#329 I miss sagre – 1

Sagra, from sacro ‘sacred’, in Latin sacrum, in the same way in which festa ‘feast’ derives from fastum ‘holy day’.

Today a sagra is a big festival, a traditional feast, often a religious one, celebrated in a specific way, normally with a specific food or local product.

Normally the main square is full of tables and benches, and an enormous amount of food is cooked on the streets

Here the huge frying pan used in Camogli for the Sagra del pesce, fried fish festival