#198 I miss my mom (not original at all ok, and so?)

I feel particularly nostalgic today.

Maybe because it’s snowing outside and the 5 minute walk to the bus stop and the 5 min wait for the bus seem longer, maybe because I feel a little bit sick today…

We can be strong, we can be old and wise, but when we feel sick we all want our mom ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


And here’s my mom, wearing her gorgeous green coat-and-hat, made for her by my great-granmother, posing with my handsome grandfather, who looks like Clark Gable, and died a few year ago, almost one century old.

I really hope my mother had inherited his genes.




#186 I miss italian veggies

Some super common Italian vegetable are really hard to find abroad.

Many of those grow in January.

Cime di rapa for example, in scientific terms: Brassica rapa sylvestris,

excellent with orecchiette.

Orecchiette alle cime di rapa, deliciousness from Puglia

Cavolo nero, instead is very popular in Tuscany,

perfect for soups…

Zuppa al cavolo nero


Perfect for gratin

Cardi gratinati

#Off topic: I AM HOME :)

Hello prosciutto

Hello pane

Hello caffรจ della moka

Hello pizza

Hello gelato

Hello calling people without doing the math to know what time is for them

Hello answering the phone in your own language

Hello answering the phone in the wrong language for at least the first couple of days

I missed you all sooooo much ๐Ÿ™‚

#105 I miss being two hours far from…

I miss being two hours far from… a lot of wonderful places all over Europe.

With a couple of hours flight with a low coast airline (that costs less than a train ticket from Milan to Rome) you can be…


…or here

…or here



Because, I mean, I LOVE this

but I also love being part of this

I miss home

This might be surprising but not everyone has an “American dream”.

No California dreaming for me as a teen, no California-here-I-come. I watched the “american myth” on TV, it was cool, but not my dream.

Then I was forced to leave my country because that was the only way for me (and thousands of fellow countrymen) to follow my dreams, and here I am. Irony of the fate.

I am here and I love the Land where I can finally be what I am and do what I want to do.

But I miss home.

Everyday there is one more thing I miss, and I will share it with you.

I will share with you one thing I miss, everyday, for a year. Here’s the “Miss home” project!

Welcome ๐Ÿ™‚