#1 I miss gelato – 1

If you have never heard about Procopio De’ Coltelli or Dei Coltelli aka Procope, don’t feel bad. He was a successful Italian immigrant, a prominent cook who worked for the French royal family and opened a Restaurant in Paris in 1686 (that is still there!)

Maybe you don’t know this, but you love this guy. ‘Why?’ you ask?

He is the one who invented GELATO.

And I miss gelato a whole fu##ing lot.

Gelato is simple: fruit, sugar, water or milk. That’s it. Santa simplicitas!

Fiordilatte ‘the flower of milk’ is made with milk and sugar. Stracciatella: fiordilatte with chocolate chips, Crema, inspired from crema pasticcera a sort of custard made with milk, eggs, lemon zest and sugar, used to fill cakes and pastries. 

All this is a clear evidence that God exsists and is great.

But please notice that I don’t miss gelato. I specifically miss gelato COME DIO COMANDA (‘as God  wishes’)

Natural, historically and philologically correct gelato, made as Procopio invented it. No artificial colors or favors. Peach gelato is NOT orange or yellow, Pistacchio is NOT green. If you make gelato with REAL peaches or pistachio nuts, it will be brown-ish. Not so attracting? Who cares??!!

Go to Pisa, walk along the Lungarno and try this little gelateria:


Your life will change.

There is another one in Lucca

If you are in Firenze (or Lucca) you can try this as well:


And you will finally understand why  I miss home.


I miss home

This might be surprising but not everyone has an “American dream”.

No California dreaming for me as a teen, no California-here-I-come. I watched the “american myth” on TV, it was cool, but not my dream.

Then I was forced to leave my country because that was the only way for me (and thousands of fellow countrymen) to follow my dreams, and here I am. Irony of the fate.

I am here and I love the Land where I can finally be what I am and do what I want to do.

But I miss home.

Everyday there is one more thing I miss, and I will share it with you.

I will share with you one thing I miss, everyday, for a year. Here’s the “Miss home” project!

Welcome 🙂