#357 I miss pasta fresca – 5

Corzetti, or in genovese dialect croxetti

round, flat, fresh pasta, from Liguria.

Plain or decorated, stampati ‘stamped’.

Created in the Middle Ages, decorated with the coat of arms of noble families, made with wooden hand-tool

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#351 I miss cibo da spiaggia – 2

Pranzo al sacco, literally ‘lunch in the bag’ is a must of any day-at-the-beach in Italy.

Prosciutto e melone, for many people is the real taste of summer

but also anguria

of course a good slice of focaccia,

one or more panini with prosciutto cotto

Pane al pomodoro is a big classic in Tuscany

Pesche noci

and albicocche

good for your abbronzatura as well!

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#348 I miss cibo da spiaggia – 1

There is a word in Roman slang: fagottari, from fagotto ‘bundle’, 

Fagottari: people who leave from the city to spend a day on the beach bringing a big fagotto full of food and drinks from home.

Here’s a few examples from the movie La famiglia passaguai (Aldo Fabrizi, 1959)

Not just fresh fruit and panini…

Table, table cloth, fiasco di vino, plates, pots…

Pocket lunch Italian way!


#335 I miss Italian (vintage) soft drinks – 3


a magic powder that could turn a flat drink into sparkling water


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#313 I miss pasta fresca – 1

Fresh hand made pasta. Pasta ripiena, tagliatelle, lasagne

Or spaghetti alla chitarra

Named after the tool used to make them, the chitarra ‘guitar’

Deliciousness from Abruzzo

#304 I miss 1 maggio

Primo Maggio (May 1st)

Festa dei lavoratori, ‘workers day’

A national holiday in Italy. We celebrate work by taking a vacation. Very Italian uh?

One of the best ponti di primavera (see “I miss ponti” https://misshome.wordpress.com/2014/04/26/298-i-miss-ponti/ )

Normally people have a lunch or a grigliata (‘barbecue’) in the countryside,

many people attend the Concerto del Primo Maggio in Rome

Elio e le storie tese dedicated a satyrical song to the event…

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