When America meets Italy #1

In the middle of an undeniable creativity crisis, but inspired by recent adventures I open a new section devoted to Italo-American hybridizations.

And since food is one of my cavalli di battaglia or my forte (come on, let’s admit it, food is so much better than people) of course I am goingo to start with culinary encounters.

This Christmas I decided to revisit a big Italian classic: il cappone arrosto adding… a Thanksgiving touch.


Namely a good, classic stuffing in perfect Thanksgiving style.

(For the record I used Martha Stewart’s recipe)

The first step of the recipe is a soffritto, the very basis of any Italian recipe, nothing is more Italian than a soffritto, the rest of the ingredients (bread and herbs), are very common in Italian cuisine, the mix of bread, nuts, and raisins is typical especially in some regions.


At the end of the day we are not so different!


Served with roast potatoes with garlic and rosemary. Très chic.


And there we go, I thanksgivinized Christmas!



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