L’America spiegata agli Italiani/America for (Italian) Dummies #31

Prendo in prestito queste immagini dal sito de Il Post.

I borrow these pics from the Italian online newspaper Il Post.

Periferia americana/American neighborhood by photographer Andrea Pugiotto

Per la serie completa/For the whole collection please see: http://www.ilpost.it/2014/03/21/periferie-americane/kentucky-neighborhood/

Kentucky Neighborhood  ©Andrea Pugiotto

Kentucky Neighborhood
©Andrea Pugiotto


Books for Italian Dummies #4

In America with Oriana Fallaci II

Penelope alla guerra (‘Penelope at war’), Milano, Rizzoli, 1962.

And finally a beautiful novel, in which America is the co-star. The protagonist, Gio’, a scriptwriter, is sent to the States to create a terrific screenplay. At that time America was synonym of new, modern, as much as Europe, and Italy in particular, meant old, antique. Americans appeared as rich, powerful, almost omnipotent; convinced that happyness means wealth. Gio’ leaves Italy “con la con la fiducia di chi debba trovarci un miracolo”, full of faith, convinced she will find a miracle over there; and in fact she finds it. She is “hungry” of concrete, skyscrapers. She loves the States for their modernity and for her romantic idea of the Americans liberating heroes, constructed as a child, during WW2, when she fell for the American soldier Richard. In NYC Gio’ finds Martine, the quintessence of the city, gorgeous, gaudy, divorced and busy squeezing her ex-husband, well introduced in the glamourous life of New York, not use to meet working class people. A sort of Carrie Bradshaw ante litteram.

Gio’s boss instructs her: money is the new God, banks his cathedrals, Wall Street employees his priests.

New York is depicted as a magical realm where you can run away on a ferry boat over the ocean, and right after taking a cab to the Empire State Building and fly in the sky on an elevator, with the eyes wide open in amazement, like a child in never never land.

On the other land NYC is the city in which homeless people are kicked while lying down in the street, the city is full of the unheard cry of drunkards and insanes.

In conclusion a beatutiful portray of 1960 America, documentary, intertwined in a novel.

America for (Italian) Dummies #30

And here’s the reactions you should expect from your Italian friends trying American packaged sweets for the first time.

As we said here, they will surely love American desserts or sweet dishes such as breakfast foods, but when it come to snacks, apparently we have really different tastes.

Here’s the video. Again: thanks to the BuzzVideo Guys.

L’America spiegata agli Italiani #30

E a questo punto non possiamo farci mancare gli snacks dolci, le merendine da distributore automatico.

Di dolci veri ne abbiamo già parlato qui e su quelli nessuno ha da ridire. Così come nessuno ha da ridire sulle portate dolci del breakfast o del brunch (anzi, slurp!).

Di snacks discutibili ne abbiamo anche noi in italia: le varie barrette, i mars/twix/kit-kat, i prodotti kinder-ferrero, le merendine mulino bianco e di altre marche, ma anche in questo caso come in quello degli snacks salati, i gusti americani sono davvero diversi dai nostri.

E anche in questo caso vi lascio al video, che da solo dice tutto

America for (Italian) Dummies #29

We have already discussed of unhealthy fair food and American home-made snacks.

Now, let’s talk about American packaged snacks. Apparently American taste is really different from Italian one, as a recent research suggests.

And this is what I want to propose today: not another post, made of words and images, but an educational video

(I really appreciate the BuzzFeedVideo guys for their autoironia, a very Italina concept, translatable with ‘ability of making fun of themselves/not taking themselves too seriously’)


L’America spiegata agli Italiani #29

Abbiamo già parlato di snack e merende americane fatte in casa 16, di discutibile cibo da fiera, ora parliamo di snack preconfezionati, quelli che si trovano nei distributori automatici o vicino alle casse dei supermercati o dei piccoli negozi.

Ma questa volta ve lo faccio raccontare da un video altamente istruttivo, che dice davvero tutto.

Buona visione