America for (Italian) dummies #26

I don’t want to give you the wrong impression… I don’t want to seem critical with my humor about my American experience.

So here’s a nice and entirely positive post about something that any Italian will love.

American sweets.

Cupcakes don’t need introduction. A myth.

But be aware that many Italians mistake cupcake and muffin

Make sure to explain the difference to your Italian friends.


A concept that don’t belong to the Italian tradition, difficult to translate, of course the best way to learn is practicing, so make sure to introduce your Italian friends to this noble tradition by offering them different pies.

Pumkin pie, is a must

so does Pecan pie, those nuts are not easy to find in Italy

In Italy is not common as well serving pies with ice-cream, so don’t forget the à la mode version.

Cheese cakes are quite popular too… but the original is always the original!

(Personal favorite:

Banana Cream Pie

and Key Lime Pie



maybe with a glass of milk, and any Italian will feel like the hero of his favorite tv-serie

Ice cream

Believe it or not, even if Italian gelato is the best in the world, packaged ice-cream is better in the US.

And then, in Italy we don’t have cookie dough…

I will confess that I miss this one!


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