Books for (Italian) dummies #1.

There is this big fat volume that surely will answer a lot of questions about The States

Americana. Storie e culture degli Stati Uniti dalla A alla Z (Milano, Il Saggiatore, 2012), edited by Mario Maffi, professor of Anglo-American Literatures and other researchers of the University of Milan: Cinzia Scarpino, Cinzia Schiavini, Sostene Massimo Zangari.

Pros and Cons.

Pros: variety, there’s un po’ di tutto, ‘a little bit of everything’. Completeness: any concept described, any definition, always includes an historical explanation, examples, and a complete bibliography.

Cons: it’s a dictionary. As a consequence not the kind of book you can read from the fist to the last page.

But excellent for reference or to satisky your curiosity


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