America for (Italian) Dummies #24

A garage sale.

Something terribly exciting for any Italian visiting the US.

All those things for sale in someone’s lawn or garden, just like in tv series.

Furniture, home appliances, clothes…

In Italy organizing something like that would be a real hell: permissions, forms to fill, fees, more fees, fees that you didn’t know you were supposed to pay…  as we would say “più la spesa dell’impresa” (‘expenses are more than income’)!

But in the US everything is so easy (compared to crazy Italian bureaucratic complications)…

You put a nice “Garage sale” sign on the road, print a few fliers, and there you go, you are in business.

Just another aspect of the American Dream.


2 thoughts on “America for (Italian) Dummies #24

    • True. Second hand stores or markets are not very common in Italy. But recently you can find some more around… Probably because… c’è la crisi! 🙂

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