America for (Italian) Dummies #23

One last word about homes.

In Italy we are emotionally bond to hour homes.

Casa mia casa mia per piccina che tu sia tu mi sembri una badìa we say (‘House of mine, house of mine, how little you are, but how like a palace you are to me’). For us the house is a sacred place. The house of our fathers, the house where we grew up. Moving for us is always kind of traumatic.

So you can imagine how much hard could be for us to imagine something like… not having an actual house, but a mobile one.

Mobile homes…



…something completely new to any Italian; they will surely look extremely exotic and extremely American!

8 million Americans live in mobile houses? Really? Wow!

Honestly, I don’t think you can find something like this in Italy



For sure transporting one of them would be impossible, considering and conditions of Italian roads and the average size of Italian cars…




I am not entirely sure it is legally possible to actually live in a mobile house in Italy, you probably need a permission, and Italian bureaucracy is enough to discourage anyone had the intention to try that way of life!

So don’t be surprised if your Italian friends will be amazed by mobile houses and trailer parks… they will probably take pictures of those as they were a real attraction, and talk about them for days!


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