America for (Italian) Dummies #21

American houses.

“They all look the same” the Italians say.

ANd someone might be offended.

Well, don’t take it bad, you know, in Italy regions, cities, towns and houses look very different one another.

I mean Italy is this,

but also this

and this

and this

It’s not easy to find a city that looks like another one, and it’s really hard to find two of them that look exactly the same.

While in the US, from San Francisco, California…

…to Austin, Texas…

cities seem to share the same structure.

Construction companies can build apartments lots that looks exactly the same in different cities, in different States.

I swear I saw all of the following buildings in the little town in the Midwest where I used to live…

but I actually found these pics randomly online, these houses might be anywhere in the Country.

Your Italian friends are not used to this kind of landscape…

So don’t take their comments too personally… try to understand them….

It’s not their fault.

Definitely they are not used to that.


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