America for (Italian) dummies #20

Unhealthy fair food. Don’t expect your Italian friends will ever appreciate this.

I remember my first corn-dog experience at the Indiana State Fair. And that was nothing. I remember my amazement  in front of chocolate covered bacon, deep fried butter,

Deep fried coke

That was, for me, something that challenged the laws of physics. In fact I was incredulous when I learnt about deep fried beer

Deep fried chewing gum

and deep fried jelly beans

I confess that I have never been brave enough to actually taste any of them. Also I confess that, after this epic journey (sort of culinary Dante’s Inferno) among all-you-can-deep-fry, my question is:


And I believe my fellow country men will feel the same. Consider that in Italy the most unhealthy deep fried food is probably something like fritto misto di mare

cotoletta, panzerotti, olive ascolane

Deep fried of course, unhealthy sure, but still… real food! 😛


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