America for Italian Dummies #18

American Schools. One among many American myths learned through movies and tv-series.

Colorful classrooms…

A Yellow School Bus…

Experiments in the Lab…

They will probably expect to find frogs there… explain them that the 1960s are over.

Besides that, your Italian friends will be satisfied: many of the aspects of the myth are actually true:

The football team, the cheerleaders, the school band…

and related social groups.

The Prom

The graduation ceremony with caps and gowns

They will be delighted to find such things in the real world, and they will ask you tons of questions. Italian school system is so totally different… Italian schools don’t offer many extra curricular activities, school buildings are much smaller, they normally have a little gym, and that’s it. That’s why school sports, science labs, theater clubs, and even social categories such as “nerds” or “cheerleaders” sound so exotic and cool to them!

There is just one thing that will be difficult to accept for them: lunch.

In Italy, traditionally, students have classes only in the morning, they eat their lunch home. “Dopo scuola”, literally ‘after school’, classes and other activity in the afternoon, including lunch, are not mandatory, not all of the schools offer them.

The most of Italian mothers would be probably horrified by the typical lunch tray offered in schools and by the idea of a lunch box

But I guess this is not surprising …


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