America for (Italian) dummies #17

In old American movies men always drink whisky on the rocks

The perfect 1950s wife, greets her husband as he comes home from work, offering him a cocktail.

Even in more recent tv-series ladies gather for a glass on wine, colleagues meet at bar and drink colorful cocktails

High School and College students have parties with tons of iced beer bottles

according to one of the most popular stereotypes the average American guy watches football on tv eating chips and drinking liters of beer.

Now, don’t take this wrong. This is totally fine. But maybe that’s the problem. In Italy drinking alcohol is rarely a problem.

You can buy and drink a beer pretty much everywhere, in or outdoor. A glass of wine for lunch is completely normal. The most Italians don’t even consider beer an alcoholic beverage. My grandfather, good soul, once offered some spumante to a lady, and when she politely said she couldn’t drink alcohol due to some medication she was taking, he was quite puzzled, and replied “but this is NOT wine…”. For him it was in fact some sort of soft drink.

That’s why many Italians in the US need some help to manage American alcohol policies.

Explain them that they are NOT allowed to drink outside, and yes, beer is an alcoholic beverage, and yes, just half a glass of wine for lunch DOES counts as alcohol, and remind them to bring their ID with them, and yes, all the time.


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