America for Italian Dummies #14

And so holidays are over. The new year started in a really shitty way (Paris…) and nobody is in the mood for a diet. On the contrary anyone need the comfort that only food can give. Therefore let’s get back to the glorious tradition: posts about food. Let’s start this new year with a big classic, or, at least what any Italian would define the most typical American meal: the Hamburger. First of all, prepare yourself: this is surely one of the more mispronounced English words ever (more examples here: your native english ears will hurt. *AMBùRGHER [am’burger], that’s how your Italian friends will call it. Also, their concept of burger will be quite reductive, probably Mac-Donald’s based. Many Italian in fact believe a burger is the ultimate junk-food. Now is your patriotic duty to save this glorious American tradition, so bring them to a Diner (they have not idea of what a Diner really is: ) or in a nice Restaurant or in a good Pub. Introduce them to concept of ‘patty’, it will probably require a quick pronounce class.

to the idea of “rare, medium or well done?”

talk them about pickles

toppings, sauces, and sides  make sure to mention onion rings.

And be proud of yourself, you have just saved a national treasure.


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