America for (Italian) Dummies #13

[Sorry for being so late]

Christmas, Natale, in Italy is the time for family reunions and fat big meals (surprise surprise…).

The Italians normally spend the most of Christmas day eating or trying to survive what they ate, always complaining because they ate to much.

In recent years a new tradition was estabilished: the cinepanettone (from panettone, the Italian Christmas cake): the Christmas movie. Normally a comedy, of questionable quality.

Traditional Christmas movie, old classics, to be watch at home, with your family, close to the fireplace, with popcorn will surely represent great progress for your Italian friends’ cinematographic culture!

So be aware and proud of your role, and teach them about: White Christmas (don’t forget to mention the song!)

It’s a wonderful life, in Italian La vita è meravigliosa

Miracle on 34th Street

I am pretty sure nobody of them will be familiar with them.

Probably they will know better most recent movies such as Home Alone (Mamma ho perso l’aereo, ‘Mom I missed the flight’)

The Grinch

The Nightmare before Christmas

But as they said in Latin Repetita iuvant!

And by the way, you may want to talk them about another big classic of Christmas time, not so classic in Italy:

They will be better human beings after this class!


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