America for (Italian) Dummmies #11

Ah sitting in front of the fireplace in a cold winter day! With your family or in company of a good book…

…and a hot beverage.

I have always mentioned Italian hot drinks ( ), coffee, or rather caffè, in primis ( ).

Remember that Italians are very sensitive when it comes to caffèespresso (synonymous in Italian) or cappuccino. If you offer a latte to your Italian friends, don’t be surprised of their confusion. Latte in Italian means milk, plain milk.

Be careful with caramel, pumpkin spice, mocha chai… for more traditionalist Italians all these variations on the theme might sound like blasphemy.

Believe it or not, even an innocent cup of cocoa might be hard to accept for an Italian.

Especially when prepared with water. In Italy hot chocolate is normally thick and dark, decorated with whipped cream rather than marshmallows ( )

But I am pretty sure they all will appreciate a good eggnog. Tell them this is the American version of zabaione, and be generous with Rhum.


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