America for (Italian) Dummies #8

I neglect for a moment my alphabetical list because I want to dedicate a proper post to the most popular national feast in the US…


Are you planning to invite your Italian friends for dinner?

Well be prepared: they all grew up watching American movies and tv-series, they surely have an original idea of what Thanksgiving really is…

So prepare yourself to answer tons of questions.

It will not be easy to convince an Italian to accept the idea of a meal at 4pm but the glorious beauty of a whole roast turkey (really a whole turkey?) will probably be enough to win their resistance.

Italians are familiar with turkey, and, in general with stuffed meat, they will appreciate your stuffing.

but surely they are not used to mix sweet and savory tastes. Cranberries sauce might be a challenge

Mashed potatoes will be ok for anyone

Sweet potatoes instead will be an interesting new experience.

I would recommend plain baked sweet potatoes

Sweet Potatoes Casserole is probably too much for an Italian taste

Green light for any dessert: Pumpkin pie

Pecan pie

or Apple Pie

will be so much appreciated.

So will be the parade,

a football match as well, but consider that the Italians are used to a 90 minute long soccer match, and you will need to explain all the rules!


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