America for (Italian) dummies #7

D like Driving.

In the U.S. everyone has a car, maybe an old one, but they do. It’s a matter of surviving.

In Italy, and probably in other countries in Europe, a car is not mandatory, you can definitely live without it. If you don’t live in a really isolated place, your feet and public transport will be enough. There is always at least a little grocery store, a bakery, a bank, a post office at a walking distance, or a few bus stops. In Italy (considering the crazy prince of petrol and tolls) if you have to travel from a region to another, train is way better than a car.

In many places over the U.S. sometimes due to inclement weather you just can’t walk. In Italy people walk all the time.

So driving. Driving in America. Driving American cars on American roads.

American cars will look enormous to any Italian eye.

Since pretty much any Italian drive manual, not all of them will appreciate automatic cars.

They will be also amazed at the availability of used cars at a really convenient prince.

American roads: wide, flat

they explain the use of automatic cars…

Parking spaces: enourmous. Like cars. Makes sense after all.

Drivers’ licence: cool, there is a different one for each State.

Cool, it’s cheap, the quiz it’s easy and you will need to provide a car for the test!

Petrol: OMG it costs nothing!

Driving 12 hours: a nightmare for any Italian in Italy, but in the U.S. it’s nothing special, that’s what they call road trip: car, food and drinks on the back sit, a night in a Motel.


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