America for (Italian) dummies #2

We started with the ABC,
so B, as…


My friends, I will confess that, since I landed on the Patrio suol (‘the soil of the Motherland) at the end of May, I was to busy having a great time, and trying to catch up with pane, pizze, gelati and dolci not enjoyed in last four months to miss the U.S. …

I hope you will understand. I didn’t really miss anything from America BUT brunch.


The most of Italians nowadays know what a brunch is. They know it’s a mix of breakfast and lunch, normally consumed on late morning during the weekend. As for breakfast, pretty much all Italian will love brunch.

They will find bagels the closest thing to their idea of bread available on “the other side of the Atlantic”

They will like hashbrown potatoes. The most knowlegeable about the art of cooking will say that this is actually very similar to the Rosti prepared in Northern Italy (and Switzerland).


They will ask you how to make biscuits, gravy, and eggs benedict (nobody in Italy will ever eat something without a basic knowledge about, at least, the ingredients)…

they will shake their heads, complaining about cholesterol… but they will definitely enjoy them!

At the beginning they will be doubtful about smoked salmon “Pesce a colazione?” (‘Fish for breakfast?!’), but a bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon, capers, salad and tomatoes will conquer their hearts, as it did with mine.




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