America for (Italian) dummies #1.

Let’s start from the beginning, let’s start with the ABC…

A as America

A as Apple Pie!

As American as Apple pie right?

Well, of course, but no, not for the Italians at least.

If you ask a random Italian to mention something that represents the US, he/she will say baseball, the NBA, football, New York skyscrapers, California beaches, Cowboys, big cars, highways across the desert.

I don’t think anyone would mention apple pie at all.

The Italians actually don’t have the concept of pie. In Italy there are at least 5 different version of torta di mele, but none of those in a pie.

B as Bacon, Breakfast, Burger…

All right, THIS is something that any Italian would associate with the States.

If you say America, anyone immediately thinks about burgers, or rather hamburgers, or rather ambùrger, according to the Italian (mis)pronunciation.

Breakfast with eggs and bacon. Here’s another American myth.

But what many Italians ignore is the variety of breakfast food available in the States. The main source of american culture knowledge for the most of us, is tv, and specifically American tv series or movies. And normally in american tv series broadcasted in Italy the word pancake is awkwardly translated with frittelle (‘fritters’). As a result Italians don’t quite grasp the concept of pancakes, nor waffles.

The average Italian eats a single egg a time, nutritionists actually recommend no more than three-four eggs… a week, so nobody really imagine that a regular omelette is prepared with 3 eggs a person!

And I guess no one can imagine that an entire breakfast can fit into an English muffin, a burrito or a Burger…

But let me say that once they try a typical American breakfast, pretty much every Italian loves it! 🙂


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