#328 I miss agrumi – 2

Agrumi; not only oranges, lemons and chinotto, and not only from the riviera ligure but also from the warm South

Agrumi di Sicilia are famous all over Italy, not only oranges and lemons, but also cedri, ‘citrons’

used for soft drinks like the famous cedrata

Candied citron is an important ingredient of many traditional Sicilian desserts, such as Cassata, cannoli, etc.

bergamotto ‘bergamot orange’

originally from Calabria, sweet and fragrant, used for perfumes and essential oils

but also for sweets and candies

and of course Limoni di Sorrento

and Limoncello!

(See also “I miss agrumi – 1”


“I miss Italian (vintage) soft drinks – 2”

https://misshome.wordpress.com/2014/05/23/325-i-miss-italian-vintage-soft-drinks-2/ )


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