#316 I miss grigliate – 1

Grigliata, barbecue Italian style

Ingredients: bistecche, in a perfect world a good fiorentina, pollo (chicken), salsicce (sausages), costine (ribs), peperoni (peppers), melanzane (eggplants), zucchine, pomodori (tomatoes), pane (bread)

A good Fiorentina is huge, about a kilo, chianina (tuscan beef) steak, cooked of the grill, not to much, 3-5 minutes per side, served with absolutely nothing, not even salt according to traditionalists.

For the rest of meat and grilled vegetable we prepare a mix of herbs (rosmary, sage, laurel, garlic, salt, black pepper) and extra virgin olive oil.

That’s it.

Tomatoes salad and grilled bread

can easily become a bruschetta


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