#333 I miss gelato – 3

Not only cono, coppetta, o cialda…

But also brioche con il gelato! The best is the sicilian brioche, typically served with granita siciliana

an excellent gelato lunch!

Miss it

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#332 I miss sagre – 2

Street art

artichokes sculptures at the Sagra del carciofo romanesco (‘Roman Artichoke Festival’)

Carciofi alla Giudia

Carciofi alla romana

Linguine ai carciofi

Carciofi fritti

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#331 I miss biscotti – 5

Biscotti sardi!

One among many reasons to visit Sardegna.


with a lemon frosting


Cookies made with walnuts, almonds, raisins, and frosting

Gatou, almond torrone

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#330 I miss pasta fresca – 4




a corner of Paradise.

No comments needed.

But Sardegna is food paradise as well.

Let’s start with pasta fresca.


little braids of dough, excellent with tomatoes sauce, chicken, or seafood

Malloreddus or gnocchetti sardi,

little gnocchi, made with regular flour instead of potatoes, served with a variety of sauces.

Malloreddus alla campidanese, are one of the most famous versions:

with pomodoro e salsiccia (tomatoes and sausage sauce)

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#329 I miss sagre – 1

Sagra, from sacro ‘sacred’, in Latin sacrum, in the same way in which festa ‘feast’ derives from fastum ‘holy day’.

Today a sagra is a big festival, a traditional feast, often a religious one, celebrated in a specific way, normally with a specific food or local product.

Normally the main square is full of tables and benches, and an enormous amount of food is cooked on the streets

Here the huge frying pan used in Camogli for the Sagra del pesce, fried fish festival

#328 I miss agrumi – 2

Agrumi; not only oranges, lemons and chinotto, and not only from the riviera ligure but also from the warm South

Agrumi di Sicilia are famous all over Italy, not only oranges and lemons, but also cedri, ‘citrons’

used for soft drinks like the famous cedrata

Candied citron is an important ingredient of many traditional Sicilian desserts, such as Cassata, cannoli, etc.

bergamotto ‘bergamot orange’

originally from Calabria, sweet and fragrant, used for perfumes and essential oils

but also for sweets and candies

and of course Limoni di Sorrento

and Limoncello!

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#327 I miss gelato – 2

I miss gelato. Right. What’s new?

Well, not just gelato, not a simple cone you eat while walking (I HATE eating AND walking! For me that’s blasphemy), but one of those beautiful, huge, cups of gelato, fresh fruit and whipped cream come Dio comanda.

Sitting in front of the beach

At sunset.

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