#288 I miss ulivi

Ulivi (‘Olive trees’)

(Ulivi in Puglia)

In Italy (and in all the Mediterrenan area) you can find them everywhere. Especially on the ills, along with grapes, as we all learn in geography class at elementary school.

(Ulivi and grapes in Toscana)

(Ulivi in the Chianti area, Tuscany)

(Ills in Liguria)

For the ancient Greek and Roman it was a sacred tree, it symbolized strenght and power, it was used to crown heroes. Symbol of peace in Christian tradition.

Ancient olive trees such as the Ulivi centenari in Puglia, looks like real sculptures

When Nature is Art.

(See also “I miss la raccolta delle olive”


and “I miss feste – 5”

https://misshome.wordpress.com/2014/04/13/285-i-miss-feste-5/ )



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