#287 I miss Italian street food – 3

In Napoli people use to buy and eat food in the streets since the times of the Roman Empire. In Pompei and other Roman cities, people use to buy food in places called  thermopolia (sing. thermopolium, lit. ‘place in which hot (food) is sold’).

Apparently the first Italian fast-food of the modern era was established in Napoli and was called “vaco ‘e press” (it: vado di fretta, ‘I’m in a hurry’) and was a friggitoria, a store specialized in deep fried food.

And in fact among typical Neapolitan street food fritto rules.

They basically fry everything, including, of course, pizza

and then Pastecrisciute, fried bread dough

Scagliozzi, deep fried polenta

Sciurilli, deep fried zucchini flowers

Crocchè, deep fried mashed potatoes filled with mozzarella

Forget your liver, and enjoy!

(See also “I miss Italian street food – 1 – 2″



“I miss arancini” https://misshome.wordpress.com/2013/09/16/77-i-miss-arancini/ ) ‎


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