#286 I miss ammazzacaffè

Ammazzacaffè, literally ‘coffee killer’ is a little glass of liquor you have at the end of a meal, after the coffee, with which you “kill” your caffè.

Popular ammazzacaffè are Amaro (lit. ‘bitter’), an herbal digestif liquor, typically produced by macerating herbs, roots, flowers, citrus peels in alcohol, mixing the filtrate with sugar syrup. There are dozens of Amari, one of the most common is the Amaro Montenegro, named after Princess Elena Of Montenegro

In my top three: Limoncello, a sweet lemon liquor typical of Sorrento and the gulf of Napoli

Mirto, produced in Sardegna, obtained from the myrtle plant; Mirto rosso (‘red’) is made with the berries and is sweet, Mirto bianco (‘white’) is made from the leaves

Grappa ai mirtilli

Blueberries spirit, common in Northern Italy.




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