#283 I miss farinata


or Farinata e pizza

This is what you get when you go to La Spezia, and in particularly at La Pia a pizza and farinata place, since 1887.

They made a very “rustic” pizza, normally margherita (tomato sauce, origano, mozzarella), quite thick, and a fantastic farinata.

Farinata is a thin “pancake”, made from chickpea flour, and oil, baked (in a wood oven, no question) in a huge round baking tray, with some olive oil.

Is soft and crispy at the same time

You can find it in any Pizzeria in Liguria and Lunigiana. In Tuscany, in Pisa and Livorno they have something similar, called cecìna (from ceci, ‘chickpea’)

thicker and softer than farinata, often served with focaccia

this version, in Livorno is called Cinque e cinque, 5+5, because at the old time it was “5 lire di focaccia e 5 lire di cecìna” (‘five lire for a slice of focaccia plus 5 for a slice of cecìna‘).

I enjoyed that when I lived in Pisa, but farinata stole my heart many years before!


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