#282 I miss Italian lakes – 4

In September 1918, after been injured while delivering cigarettes and chocolates to front line troops, a 19 year old american soldier

was given 10 day Convalesce-Pass and headed for Stresa.

He checked into room 106  at the Grand Hotel Des Iles Borromees,

with a friend, nurse Agnes von Kurowsky.

In a letter to his parents he wrote “I’m up here in Stresa, a little resort on Lake Maggiore. One of the most beautiful Italian lakes.”

In 1948, on a return visit, the same man signed the guest book: “Ernest Hemingway (an old client)”

In A Farewell to Arms his alter-ego Frederick Henry and his lover Nurse Catherine Barkley spend a few days at the Hotel

(See also “I miss Italian lakes – 1 – 2 – 3”



https://misshome.wordpress.com/2014/04/06/278-i-miss-italian-lakes-3/ )



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