#276 I miss paste – 4

If you are in Tuscany and you want to gloriously conclude your Sunday lunch with a good tray of paste (‘pastries’), you should definitely try some of the local deliciousness.

Budino di riso, a mini rice pudding

the Peschine, ‘little peeches’, cookies dipped into alchermes (a sweet liquor, filled with chocolate

Torta della nonna (‘Granny’s cake’) a sweet pasta frolla (‘shortcrust pastry’)  filled with custard and pine nuts

Torta del nonno (‘Grandpa’s cake’) the same with some chocolate

and if you are in Pisa, the Torta co’ bischeri, pasta frolla filled with rice, chocolate, pine nuts, dried and candied fruit

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https://misshome.wordpress.com/2014/03/21/i-miss-paste-3/ )


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