#274 I miss scampagnata

Spring finally came! Time to get out, enjoy the sun and the countryside!

Time of scampagnate!

Literally ‘trip to the countryside’ (from campagna ‘countryside’), that normally includes a lunch or a merenda (late lunch, or rich snack in the afternoon). In other words a pic-nic. But the Italian way.

Refreshments may vary, a very basic menu, no cooking skills required, might include a nice loaf of bread, a good salame

vegetarian option and another big classic: formaggio e fave, ‘cheese and fava bean’ maybe a good pecorino romano

pomodorini (cherry tomatoes) and mozzarelline (mini mozzarella, needless to say, fresh, since in Italy is the only option),

some fresh fruit, a good bottle of red wine and ecco fatto!

A more elaborate menu might include torte salate, such as for example a classic torta pasqualina (with spinach and ricotta)

or a frittata

A good insalata di pasta (‘pasta salad’) with fresh tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella

Maybe a good home made cake

Buon appetito!


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