#302 I miss portici

Portici ‘arcades’.

Bologna is famous for its portici, you can walk from on side of the town to the other without getting wet under the rain. That’s why people say if you live there you don’t need an umbrella. Perfect for shopping or a cup of coffee or a walk in a rainy day.


#301 I miss mortadella – 2

Panino con la mortadella

A super traditional cheap and quick lunch.

Focaccia con la mortadella, my favorite ever. La morte sua as they say in Rome

But not only panini, Bolognese cuisine has several traditional recipes with mortadella

Tortellini con ripieno di mortadella

Spuma di mortadella

Frittata di mortadella

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#300 I miss mercato – 2

Many towns in Italy have a square called “Piazza delle erbe” (Verona, Padova, Mantova…) or “delle vettovaglie” (erbe ‘herbs/vegetables’ vettovaglie ‘food’), the one in which mercato was held

(Piazza delle erbe, Verona)

(Domenico Gargiulo, Piazza del Mercato a Napoli, 1654)

But mercato is not only an open air grocery store, of course you can find fresh fruit and vegetable there (and cheap cloths, bags, shoes, fake Gucci and D&G…) it is also a cultural gathering, a place in which you can observe humanity and life in all his beauty and spontaneousness.

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#299 I miss Italian food foreigners cannot handle – 1

Who doesn’t like Italian cuisine?

We have a reputation.

But sometimes, reading the menu, foreigner tourists can find something they don’t recognize… or handle.

What’s better than a good steak?

Well, this is bistecca di cavallo (horse steak). In the US is illegal. Italians would be very surprise to hear that, for us horse meat is perfectly fine, many doctors recommend that to anaemic patients.

What about a nice antipasto? A good plate of bresaola with rucola and parmigiano? Well ask specifically for beef bresaola, otherwise they might serve you a Bresaola di cavallo

Coniglio alla cacciatora. I know. They are so cute. But chicks are cute too.

My grandfather had chickens and rabbits, as a child I used to play with little bunnies… and I perfectly knew that they would have ended up in a stew sooner of later…

We are ok with that, and our kids too… I mean… check this out: omogenizzato di coniglio, rabbit baby food!

They say when you are in Rome do what the Romans do… well you don’t have to, but don’t have an heart attack if you see a “carne di cavallo” sign

#298 I miss ponti

Ponte, literally ‘bridge’, but this is the word used for a long weekend. When a holiday is on Thursday for example normally in Italy you take the Friday off.

Ponti di primavera are the best.

April 25th

May 1st

June 2nd…

Hotel always have special offers  for the ponti di primavera, the ideal moment to take a break in a nice agriturismo, or terme, or for a scampagnata


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#297 I miss amatriciana – 2

And before Amatriciana there was the Gricia

Created by shepherds of Grisciano. It is basically an Amatriciana without tomatoes sauce, and with aged Pecorino instead of Pecorino Romano

The taste  of history

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#296 I miss Mortadella – 1

One of my former student, who spend one year in Italy once wrote a letter to someone she really loves, and than posted this love letter on facebook

Cara Mortalla, 

mi manchi tanto, ricordo i bei momenti passati con te, e spero  di poterti incontrare presto. Perché non vieni a farmi visita negli Stati Uniti? Troveresti tanti amici anche qui.

Con affetto

‘Dear Mortadella,

I miss you so much, I remember the beautiful time we spent together, and I hope to see you soon. Why don’t you come to visit me in The States? I am sure you will find many friend here.