#265 I miss paste – 1

Paste, plural, pastries, a word used for both the brioche you have with your cappuccino in the morning, and a dessert.

Normally you go to the Pasticceria, and buy a vassoio di paste (‘try of pastries’) for the Sunday lunch with the family or a special occasion.

As any other food in Italy there is a variety of paste in any Italian region.

Let’s start with a couple of big classic, you can easily find in any region:

Bignè, from French beignet, or in the italianized version bignola: a small, round pastry with cream or chocolate and frosting.

cannoncini alla crema

(not to be confused with cannoli siciliani) a cilindric puff pastry filled with crema pasticcera (‘custard’)

paste alla frutta, ‘fruit pastry’ or rather a mini-pie, made with shortcrust, crema pasticcera, and fresh fruit.


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