#257 I miss frutti di mare – 1

Very often people ask me how can I live so far away from the sea.

Well, I do. Sadly.

It’s weird actually, especially if you were used to it, as the most of the Italians are.

What I really miss is fresh fish and seafood, or frutti di mare, as we say, ‘the fruits of the sea’.

Wherever you live in Italy you can’t be too far away from the sea. As a child I lived in the countryside, half an hour driving from the coast of Liguria. My mother always cooked fish at least once a week, we could find it at the market

But there was also an old man driving a small truck and going town to town, village to village, almost door to door selling fish. Il Pescivendolo.

He stopped in the middle of the square an screamed at the top of his voice “Pesceeeee! Pesce frescooooo”


When he has fresh anchovies from Monterosso he used to scream “Monterossoooo!”




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