#240 I miss Italian vintage recipes – 2

The word polpetta (‘meatball’) appeared for the first time in the recipes book written by Martino from Como. Prominent cook and culinary expert, Martino served Francesco Sforza in Milano, and than the Papal Court and the Patriarch of Aquileia. His Libro de arte coquinaria (‘Book on the art of cooking’) was published in 1465.

Maestro Martino’s polpette are made with veal meat, fennel seeds, parsley, majoram, lard, and pepper. They were actually involtini, rolls made with thin slices of veal, filled with the other ingredients finely chopped and mixed.

What a bout a  bowl of home made tagliatelle in a good meat broth with spices and pecorino cheese, followed by pork marinated with aceto balsamico, wine, sweet and bitter oranges and spices, with a side of eggplant with erbs?

All recipes by Bartolomeo Scappi, another famous Renaissance chef, author of Opera dell’arte del cucinare (‘The work on the art of cooking’)

(See also “I miss Italian vintage recipes – 1 https://misshome.wordpress.com/2014/02/23/236-i-miss-italian-vintage-recipes-1/ )


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