#230 I miss risotto – 1

Risotto, rice quickly fried with finely chopped onion, and then slowly cooked adding white wine first, and then boiling broth, little by little. Creamy deliciousness from the North.

You will need Riso Arborio, Carnaroli, or Vialone Nano

from the risaie

where Mondine used to work

the movie Riso amaro (amaro ‘bitter’, riso both ‘rice’ and ‘laugh’) tells their stories… but this is a different chapter.




6 thoughts on “#230 I miss risotto – 1

  1. Arborio is my favorite. That’s the one we use for our Sicilian arancine. I love Riso Amaro, I have seen that movie so many times. Nice post! Risotto alla milanese is a favorite of mine. My husband is Japanese so I use riso Originario and riso Ribe a lot, they are the closest to Japanese rise.

  2. Oh, my goodness! You’re right. I should have realized it….milanese is Yellow, because of the saffron. this one is orange, like pumpkin!

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