#225 I miss corredo – 2

I talked to my mom the other day, and found out that she is preparing a corredo for me.

She has been doing that for years… without my permission of course.

Apparently I have several bed sets (sheets and pillowcases) in different colors

I have also learnt that I really at least a good bedcover. Of course. I mean… who doesn’t?

I have at least 20 bath sets: cotton towels, linen towels, embroidered linen towels (!)…

A dozen of table cloths and tons of dishcloths.

My mom made many of those, using cloth that my grandmother bought, for her corredo.

Cuore di mamma (‘the heart of a mother’) we would say. Or in this case cuore di nonna.

(See also “I miss corredo -1” https://misshome.wordpress.com/2014/01/27/209-i-miss-corredo/ )


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