#212 I miss gnocchi – 1

Gnocchi, one of the most popular and most mispronounced Italian food ever.

But no worries gli gnocchi is an actual tongue-twister, many Italians are not able to pronounce this expression as well.

Lo gnocco is the singular form, and the example I always use while teaching Italian articles.

A food probably originated in the Middle East and introduced in Italy by the Romans at the time of their expansion, is a soft pasta made from semolina, regular flour, potatoes, or bread, with eggs, cheese and other ingredients. As other Italian foods there are many regional variants.

The most common type now a days is the gnocchi di patate (‘potatoes gnocchi’).

Gnocchi making is normally a team work, and an excellent way to involve husband and kids in cooking. First you prepare a dough with boiled mashed potatoes and eggs, then you rolled it in little dowels, then you cut them in little pieces, finally roll each piece on a fork or concave side of cheese grater or the specific gnocchi-tool in the picture below.

Cook them in boiling water and rinse them as soon as they float, using a perforated spoon.

Serve immediately, no matter what.

There are many possible dressing:

Burro e salvia: simple and delicious


Pomodoro e basilico: mon amour

Gnocchi alla sorrentina (Sorrento style): pomodoro e basilico, gratin with mozzarella

Ragù: who doesn’t like it?

Sugo di funghi: mushroom sauce (with fresh or dryed mushrooms)

Pesto: another big classic 

Gnocchi ai quattro formaggi: anything is better with cheese


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