#206 I miss minestre -1

Cold outside (-20°C 😥 ), snow, cough, wearing multiple layers of clothes and look  like the Michelin man or Kenny

…A good bowl of minestra (‘soup’) is what you need.

The ideal when you feel sick is a brodo (‘broth’), brodo di pollo (‘Chicken broth’) is perfect, with pastina, maybe with stelline (‘stars’… so cute!) or, even better, tortellini. 

A good Italian broth is made with meat, onions, celery, carrots, a touch of tomato sauce, cloves and salt, and if you some good beef you can have an excellent bollito maybe with salsa verde…

But this is a different chapter! A good broth is the very basis of a variety or recipes.

Zuppa pavese, named after Pavia, Lombardia, a rich soup made with meat broth enriched with bread, eggs and parmigiano…

 …Passatelli are a pasta made with a dough of bread crumbs, eggs and parmigiano, boiled in broth

right now I will pay anything for a bowl of passatelli in brodo… 😦


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