#204 I miss formaggi – 4

Formaggi… there are so many.. I could talk about this for ever…

Stracchino or crescenza

a fresh, creamy, cow’s milk cheese from Lombardia, Piemonte and Veneto, excellent alone, with some fresh bread and vegetables, but also used in the Riviera Ligure and specifically in Recco to prepare the famous focaccia di Recco


funny name that sounds like a ‘spash’, a particularly creamy and soft cheese similar to stracchino from Emilia-Romagna, perfect with a good piadina


a fresh cow’s milk cheese from Lombardia, very similar to Greek feta, same texture


mainly used for dessert, in primis the mythological Tiramisù

Crema al mascarpone

but also excellent on a good pizza with some speck

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https://misshome.wordpress.com/2014/01/19/201-i-miss-formaggi-3/ )



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