#199 I miss feste – 4

Sant’Antonio abate

Anthony the great, hermit, desert father, the first known ascetic going into the wilderness, protector of cattle and pets, normally portrayed with a piglet.

In my areas is known as “Sant’Antonio dal purchin” (‘Saint Anthony with the piglet’) not to be confused with Sant’Antonio da Padova, and if you want to say to someone “Hey don’t mess up things!” you say “Non confondere il porco con Sant’Antonio” ‘Don’t mix up Saint Anthony and the pig’.

In the past people used to bring animals in front of the Church for the blessing


and someone still does…

In Basilicata, in the town  of Tricarico, on the day of Sant’Antonio Abate, January 17th there is a big carnival, il carnevale di Tricarico.

People wears colorful costumes representing cows and bulls

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