#196 I miss il mare d’inverno

Il mare d’inverno, ‘the sea in winter’

Many friends born on the other side of the Atlantic in places far away form the coast, apparently don’t quote get the purpose of andare al mare (‘going to the beach’). “Well, yes, that’s nice I guess, but what do you do all the time?” someone asked me.

This is one of those questions I don’t even try to answer.

For many italians andare al mare is the essence of relax, the idea of vacation, holiday or special occasion, the romantic destination per excellence, the place where you go either to have fun with family and friends, or the enjoy silence and solitude.

Is not by chance that so many poets and artist found inspiration by watching the sea.

Then, as the song says, il mare d’inverno, has its special charme

“come un film in bianco e nero visto alla tv”

‘like an old black and white movie watched on tv’


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