#195 I miss formaggi – 2

Cream cheese Italian style.

Ricotta romana

made with cow or sheep milk, or a mix of the two. White, soft, and light.

Fantastic as a cheese, alone or with some honey, wonderful with smoked salmon. Amazing for desserts, such as torta di ricotta, our version of cheesecake, or cassata and cannoli

In Sicilia and in Sardegna, they produce a variant: la ricotta salata (‘salted ricotta’), salted and aged ricotta, firm and very tasty, and ricotta affumicata, smoked, or ricotta infornata ‘baked’ ricotta.

Getting back to creamy deliciousness…


a fresh, creamy cheese, made with cow’s milk, from Piemonte

Caprino fresco

fresh creamy goat cheese.

Wonderful with bresaola

a must in any Italian buffet 

Otherwise, you can always have cream cheese…

…or not

(See also “I miss formaggi – 1” https://misshome.wordpress.com/2014/01/10/192-i-miss-formaggi-italiani-1/ )


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